Cubro BIDI TAP 40 Gb (For use with Cisco 40 Gbps BIDI QSFP)


Cubro 40 Gb BIDI TAP provides visibility to bidirectional 40 Gbit traffic. The TAPs export monitored traffic gathered from across all four transmit signals, providing complete coverage for analytic and security tools. There are new smart concepts of transporting 40 Gbit over the existing 10 Gbit infrastructure with BIDI QSFP which transports 40 Gbit duplex over only two fibres.

The QSFP multiplex two 10 Gbit lanes to a 20 Gbit stream and sends this over a single fibre (bidirectional). It is a challenge to tap such links, however, with Cubro Packetmaster EX32+ it is possible to tap such a link and break it down to multiple 10 Gbit link. Cubro 40 Gb passive BIDI TAP supports Cisco infrastructures using bidirectional 40 Gbit transceivers. The TAP, fully passive, is completely transparent and adds no delay to the network.


Functions / Benefits

  • Opens visibility to higher-density 40 Gb BIDI links, leveraging newer bidirectional optics
  • Supports Cisco infrastructures using bidirectional 40 Gb transceivers
  • Up to 3 BIDI TAPs can be mounted in one 19“rackmount kit which can be acquired optional


Tapping BIDI optical fibres One link two fibres to two outputs
Fault Propagation If the link on the input port is going down, the output ports will follow with a short delay.
LED Indicator No LED
No Power needed Fully passive
Propagation Delay (In to Out) No delay at all
MTBF 25178185 hours
Operating Temperature 0 to 55°C
Operating Humidity 80% maximum relative humidity
Physical Dimensions (H x W x D) 3 x 11,2 x 17-cm 1,8 x 4,4 x 6,7-in
Rugged Aluminium housing Stable aluminium housing also available with precise connector labelling on front panel. 19“ Rack mountkit also available


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