An optical TAP gives you real-time monitoring access to a physical optical data link without interfering it. Due to the fact that the optical TAP is fully passive (no power supply needed) it is no risk to put it in an active link.

The only thing that needs to be considered is that the TAP brings you additional optical power loss on the active link depending on the splitting ratio used. Except for this, the equipment is fully transparent.

The unit is equipped with standard LC adaptors and is available as singlemode (1310/1550nm) or multimode (850/1300nm) version.

The singlemode TAP is available in 80/20, 50/50 splitting ratios as standard. There are other ratios possible, please contact us for confirmation.

The multimode TAP can be 50/50 or 70/30 as standard. In case other ratios are needed, please contact us.

It is possible to build up to 3 untis in the optional available rackmount kit which will be 19” and 1U height.

Due to the full transparency you can use our optical TAPs for all protocols or data rates up to 100 Gbit.

Every used splitter inside the optical TAP is carefully handled and insertion loss is measured before the unit leaves to the customer



Tapping optical fibres One link two fibers to two outputs
Fault Propagation If the link on the input port is going down the output ports will follow without any delay.
LED Indicators No LEDs
Power Versions Fully passive
Propagation Delay (In to Out) No delay at all
Operating Temperature 0 to 55°C
Operating Humidity 80% maximum relative humidity
Physical Dimensions (H x W x D) 3 x 11,2 x 17 cm
1,8 x 4,4 x 6,7 in
Rugged Aluminium Housing Stable Aluminium Housing with precise connector labelling onfront panel.
19“ rack mountkit also available


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