Cubro Optical TAP OPTOSLIM TAPs Series (Upto 100 G)


Cubro OPTOSLIM TAPs Series give real-time monitoring access to a physical optical data link with no network performance degradation or disruption. Since the optical TAPs are fully passive (no power supply needed), it is no risk to put them in an active link. These TAPs bring additional optical power loss on the active link depending on the splitting ratio used. Except for this, the equipment is fully transparent.

To maximize link capacity Cubro has introduced the new OPTOSLIM TAPs Series. These units can be mounted on a 19” rack with a height of 1/3 U which gives the possibility to tap 24 optical links reserving only 1U in the rack.

The unit is equipped with standard LC adaptors and is available as Singlemode (1310/1550nm) or Multimode (850/1300nm) version. Standard splitting ratio for the Singlemode TAP is 80%/20% and for the Multimode version is 50%/50%. The Singlemode version can also be delivered in the following splitting ratios on demand: 90%/10% 70%/30% 50%/50%.

Additional to the standard 50%/50%, the MM version is also available in 70%/30%.


Functions / Benefits

The OPTOSLIM TAPs passively mirror 100% of network traffic including errors, non-standard network traffic.

  • These TAPs rely on passive full duplex fiber optic splitters, which results in non-point-of-failure operation. It requires no power source to operate.
  • The OPTOSLIM TAPs give network operators the ability to passively monitor full duplex fiber optic links for a combination of multimode (mm) and/or singlemode (sm)



Optical connector LC (Duplex)
Certifications Fully RoHS compliant
Linksave No switching mechanism included, the link isalways connected. The TAP does not lose any traffic on the link, even if the monitoring ports get damaged or destroyed or in case of a power fail
Link Fault Propagation Due to its fully passive design the TAP is fully transparent to any faults. Thus, if one network side fails the second link side will also fail without any delay. Re-routing within the network can be initiated within shortest possible time
Power No power needed
Wavelengths Singlemode version 1310/1550nm;
Multimode version 850/1300nm.
Typical insertion loss link path Singlemode (80/20) 1.5dB;
Multimode version (50/50) 3.8dB
Operating Temperature 0 to 65°C
Operating Humidity 80% maximum relative humidity
Rugged 19” housing 19” 1/3 U high
Dimensions 480 x 147 x 14,5 mm
Weight 1,18 kg

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