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Starlight Open-XDR Platform


   Cyberattacks and breaches are soaring and security budgets are growing in response. The industry needs a scalable, intelligent central platform that is fed with the right data and armed with the ability to automatically respond to threats.


  So why are organizations still getting breached?
  Today’s environments consist of physical, virtualized, containerized workloads in public, private and hybrid clouds that create huge coverage challenges and an unmanageable amount of unactionable alerts which make it’s extremely difficult for security teams to efficiently respond to threats and identify the critical ones before data is stolen or damage is done.
  Because of complex environments with blind spots, disparate tools and alert noise, a better early warning detection system is needed.


We  believe the solution to today’s  security problem must:
Deploy a single technology that can be deployed across all environments to provide pervasive visibility.
The technology should capture and correlate all types of data, such as network traffic, logs, server commands, processes, applications, user information, files, etc.
The solution should be full stack, yet open, extensible, scalable, intelligent, and provide automation so the security staff can operate more efficiently.
Lastly and most importantly, we believe that cyber security solutions should reduce the industry average of 200 days to detect a breach down to minutes to detect a breach while mitigating the risk of data ex-filtration or any other damage.

     Stellar Cyber is solving these security challenges by delivering a the world’s first Open Detection and Response (Open-XDR) platform.

    The Stellar solution, called Starlight, works by deploying sensors, agents and log forwarders on the network, servers, containers, physical and virtual hosts. The  sensors  and  agents  transform raw data into Interflow records and send it to a central to deduplicates, correlates, enriches, indexes and stores the data that it receives. Once this data is received, it then runs complex analytics on the dataset to identify high fidelity breach events
    Starlight has tightly-integrated security applications that share data on one platform and features built-in analytics that leverage machine learning to eliminate alert noise and improve the accuracy of detecting critical security events. With this methodology, organizations can gain human work force efficiencies by augmenting security operations teams with big data analytics and artificial intelligence.


     Stellar Cyber’s Starlight is the world’s first open detection/response (Open-XDR) platform, connecting the dots throughout the entire security infrastructure and automatically responding to attacks wherever they occur.