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Ed Jopeck is an accomplished national security professional. For nearly three decades, he has worked extensively with the U.S. government, starting as an analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency and later as a consultant for the creation of the US Department of Homeland Security in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Throughout the years he has also provided expert security risk management and homeland security consulting to many other intelligence, law enforcement and private industry clients.  Highlights include assessing the terrorism risks to the New York City water supply system and 20 of the nation’s largest dams.

After moving to the private sector, Ed began developing and promoting new security technologies for use in national security. Working for a large privately funded research and development firm for example, Jopeck developed a first-of-its-kind active shooter response system that can help first-responders find and neutralize an active shooter 71 percent faster. 

“My preference is to work where I can bring a promising technology solution like this to support the critically-important missions of the federal government and military,” he says. “Pivot3’s highly efficient data and video storage solutions immediately appealed to me as a leading solution that would help national security, homeland security and federal law enforcement agencies achieve their missions.”

In encouraging further adoption, Jopeck is also looking forward to connecting Pivot3’s channel partners with the government leaders he has worked with throughout his career. 

When not leveraging his extensive business and government experience, Jopeck enjoys long-distance running, triathlons and travelling with his family. In his spare time, he travels to Haiti and the Dominican Republic with charities providing free medical clinics, managing food aid programs, and providing  support to a rural Haitian orphanage.