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Intrusion Prevention

Hillstone Intrusion Prevention

Hillstone Intrusion Prevention Feature:

• Protocol anomaly detection, rate-based detection, custom signatures, manual, automatic push or pull signature updates, integrated threat encyclopedia
• IPS Actions: default, monitor, block, reset (attackers IP or victim IP, incoming interface) with expiry time
• Packet logging option
• Filter Based Selection: severity, target, OS, application or protocol
• IP exemption from specific IPS signatures
• IDS sniffer mode
• IPv4 and IPv6 rate based DoS protection with threshold settings against TCP Syn flood, TCP/UDP/SCTP port scan, ICMP sweep, TCP/UDP/ SCIP/ICMP session flooding (source/destination)
• Active bypass with bypass interfaces
• Predefined prevention configuration

Please view the Hillstone Next Gen Firewall to know more detail or contact Nessar Vietnam.