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The SR2224P is an entry level access switch offering simple wiring closet expansion along with ease of management and scalability

Aerohive SR2224P

Aerohive SR2224P


The Aerohive SR series switches utilize the power of a micro-services based cloud to provide unified wired and wireless access with centralized management and visibility across an entire network while reducing the time and complexity of initial switch deployments, expansions, upgrades, and network refreshes

The SR switches provide energy-efficient gigabit Layer 3-Lite capabilities with flexible Power over Ethernet (PoE), as well as a wealth of port density options. Critical capabilities, such as zero-touch provisioning and powerful QoS make these switches a complement to any enterprise network

The SR2208P fanless desktop switch offers quick and easy wiring closet extensions, while the SR2224P, an entry level access switch, offers simple wiring closet expansion. The SR2324P and SR2348P provide premium bandwidth and port density access on the edge of the network and also feature stacking functionality

Managed by HiveManager, Aerohive’s industry-leading cloud-management platform, deploy SR switches with ease and at scale alongside Aerohive’s distributed control Wi-Fi architecture and cloud-managed branch routing offering for a full-stack distributed access network solution. HiveManager is available as a Public Cloud, Private Cloud or On-Premises offering.