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Cloud-Managed Mid-Enterprise SD-WAN Router with Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet

Aerohive XR600P

Aerohive XR600P

Powered by HiveOS, the XR600P delivers cloud-managed SD-WAN routing for distributed organizations, extending unified, enterprise connectivity to any location.

The XR600P forms part of Aerohive’s cutting-edge SD-WAN solution, with impressive VPN and firewall throughput in addition to flexible PoE+ functionality. The XR600P can act as a Layer 3 IPsec VPN gateway, serving as a termination point for other XR routers.

Combining powerful hardware with the extensibility of HiveOS, organizations can benefit from end-to-end QoS, application-aware traffic shaping and performance optimization. With features such as real-time dynamic path selection, traffic can be passed across multiple uplinks (including LTE) in real-time, based on connection performance and availability

Aerohive’s SD-WAN routers support a number of enterprise security mechanisms including Layer 3 IPsec VPN (when paired with a VPN gateway tunnel terminator), integrated stateful firewall plus identity and application-based access control. 802.1X, MAC and Captive Web Portal authentication can also be used for devices connecting directly via Ethernet.

Managed by HiveManager, Aerohive’s industry-leading cloud-management platform, deploy XR routers with ease and at scale alongside Aerohive’s unified switches and distributed control Wi-Fi architecture for a full-stack distributed access network solution. HiveManager is available as a Public Cloud, Private Cloud or On-Premises offering.