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Data Streaming Application


Stream high-fidelity data into your SIEM with Starlight Open XDR, reduce storage costs and enhance analyst productivity over 20

Improve Productivity & ROI

Improve Productivity & ROI

Key Features

Slash Costs

With a stand-alone SIEM, users are used to dumping everything in it in the hope that they will catch all known threats by querying that data, but this data can overwhelm a SIEM and lead to hours or days of frustration as analysts weed through garbage data to find actionable threats.

The data streaming application slashes the cost of using an existing SIEM security infrastructure by reducing and optimizing the data fed to it, and ensuring that only high-fidelity, actionable events reach the SIEM instead of oceans of garbage data. The application is part of the Starlight Open XDR application platform, sharing data on one platform ensuring pervasive visibility across all security infrastructure—on premises, edge and cloud.

Automation to Scale

Starlight’s data streaming application uses machine learning and advanced analytics to determine which events are security-related and forwards them to the SIEM so analysts can query the reduced data and achieve superior threat-fighting results. In this way, Starlight’s automated detection and response mechanisms improve the value of writing custom queries, ensuring security analysts are scaling to meet the volume of high-priority events.

Interflow Delivers Intelligence

Stellar Cyber’s Interflow™ technology reduces, enriches and correlates original data including security information such as threat intelligence, location information such as geolocation, username, hostname, domain names, or machine learning results like DGA, port-scan, etc. The context from Interflow, as exportable and searchable JSON files, provides details analysts need to quickly reach conclusions. Interflow processed data from Starlight’s anywhere detection and response (XDR) platform can be fed to the existing SIEM to improve both analyst and SIEM efficiency.

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