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Stellar Cyber for MSSPs

Stellar Cyber for MSSPs


The industry’s first multi-tenant, AI-driven breach detection platform for MSSPs

AI-Driven Multi-tenancy for MSSPs

Do you have enough security analysts on staff to monitor your customers networks?

An MSSP business that manages security for hundreds or thousands of customers must defend each network with vigilance. Yet, security analysts are as expensive as they are in demand, resulting in limited staff who are swamped with thousands of alerts on a typical day.

Improve business profit margins by hiring a virtual security analyst called Stellar Cyber, which runs on the industry’s first multi-tenant, AI-driven breach detection platform for MSSPs. With Stellar Cyber’s self-learning intelligence, security event analysis is conducted 24/7. MSSPs can augment the efficiency of their security operations staff, using Stellar Cyber’s high fidelity analytics to enable staff to prioritize in their investigations and reduce response times.

  • Real-time monitoring and detection that runs 24/7, with additional retrospective investigation capabilities.
  • Reduce the time to detect anomalies and breach events from months to minutes.
  • A multi-tenant architecture designed to support MSSP-specific need
  • Flexible deployment of the Starlight platform in the MSSP’s own SOC or their customers’ cloud/data centers
  • Rapid deployment of Stellar Cyber agent on their customers’ networks
  • Multi-tier, role-based access for MSSP administrators and tenant users
  • Receive alerts & reports via email, text or RESTFUL API updates
  • Sleek and modern UI with customizable dashboards

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