Cubro Aggregation TAP is an intelligent TAP for network data packets featured in high port density, diversified operation mode, flexible deployment and easy management and maintenance. With excellent adaption to various network environment, it can provide telecommunication data for IDS, Network Protocol Analyser and Signalling Analyser in real time as needed.

Gbit copper interfaces are still very common in many places, from data centres to enterprise networks although copper Gbit links are the most complicated to tap. These are active TAPs which means that in a case of a power down situation in the tap there is always interruption in the live link. This interruption time is most critical for networks because the link down status can activate protection mechanism in the network, and can be the starting point of massive network problems. 

Cubro Aggregation TAP has the lowest network recovery time. Cubro offers a solution which has interruption time between 30 – 40 ms, lowest compared to any other similar TAP.

The TAP exceeds ordinary TAPs to a large extent as combining TAP, filtering analyser and load balancing device to provide a convenient and efficient data collection solution for network security, protocol analysing and signalling monitoring.


Functions / Benefits

  • There is no split ratio consideration because the TAP receives the message and then retransmits it to both the network and monitoring destinations.
  • High port density with 4 or 8 pairs of GE interface on TAP. 8 GE version is also available with additional 2 X 10G ports.
  • GE interface for monitoring, enabling the flexible linking to the back-end data analysers.
  • Full-duplex wire-speed traffic copying by using ASIC chip which can copy one flow up to 8 copies for output.
  • No packets loss in the case of full line rate. It keeps IDS equipment’s, security audit system, protocol analysis equipment’s monitoring data completely and effectively, and improves the network quality of service.
  • Supports for 802.1Q traffic copying and VLAN packets.
  • Powerful function of intelligent traffic selection, enabling classified selection of packets according to various domains including input port id, protocol, IP address and port number
  • Flexible multi-monitoring function enabling clustering monitoring, multi-copying monitoring and advanced
    load balancing distributed output.
  • Friendly management interface provides improved interfaces for command line management, WEB page management and SNMP management.
  • The cascade deployment and unified management bring convenience for the collaborative work and management of multiple devices



Basic Function Packet forwarding with filtering policies between ports
Filtering number 32 x 8
Filtering Performance Full line rate
Packet Processing No
Statistics Counter for per filter rule
Counter for per interface
Protocol Supported IPV4 IPV6
Configuration Interface RS232 console 100M Ethernet
CLI on Console/SSH
Management Web page management
Access CLI (command line interface)through local serial ports or remote protocols of telnet, rsh, ssh
RPC remote call interface
Power Dual redundant power suppliesof DC or AC input. Max 140 W
Environment Operation temperature: 0 to 40 Storage temperature: -5 to 70; Humidity: 5% to 90%. RoHS5




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