The Cubro Converter TAP is a flexible solution to convert interfaces for tapping purpose. The Converter TAP is available in 2 different versions, fixed optical link ports (SM or MM) with SFP monitor ports or SFP Link ports with fixed monitor ports (SM or MM). The second one is called R version.

Each of these 2 versions are available in 1 G and 10 G Ethernet traffic speed.

The Converter TAP with fixed link ports has a fully passive network connection, so that the network link will not be influenced even if the unit is disconnected from power. The network path is fully fault transparent.

The units can be used with Copper, Optical SFPs/SFP+ or Direct Attach cables.

The SFPs give great flexibility to choose the right interface for your applications (SFPs are not included).

The path from input to the output ports is fault-transparent. If the link on input port is going down, the output ports follow with a short delay. The path from input to the output ports is layer 1 to layer 7 transparent. Any error on the link ports will be copied to the right monitoring ports.


Functions / Benefits

  • The Cubro Converter TAP helps in saving on access points when multiple devices can monitor link traffic simultaneously through a single Regeneration TAP.
  • The Cubro Converter TAP passes all traffic (including errors) from all layers for comprehensive   troubleshooting because the path from input to the output ports is layer 1 to layer 7 transparent
  • Up to 3 units can be mounted in the optional 19” rackmount kit



Link Ports Standard: LC connector (SM or MM) R Type: optical (SM or MM), copper SFP or SFP+(10G version)
Monitor ports SM, MM
Fault Propagation If the link on the input port is going down, the output ports will follow with a short delay.
LED Indicators LEDs on the front panel indicate power and signal status.
Power 12V DC supply with or without redundancy
Power dissipation: 7.5W
Propagation Delay (In to Out) 0.7 ns only
MTBF 198185 hours
Operating Temperature 0 to 55°C
Operating Humidity 80% maximum relative humidity
Physical Dimensions (H x W x D) 3 x 11,2 x 17-cm 1,8 x 4,4 x 6,7-in
Rugged Aluminum Housing Stable Aluminum Housing with precise connector labeling on front panel. 19“ Rack mount kit also available

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